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Office hours

Monday 13-15

Tuesday 11-13

Friday 13-15

In the curators office the nations' curators have their residence. The curators will gladly help you with question and issues you may have related to the nation. Come by during our office hours! Book an appointment if you wish to contact the third curator.

First curator (1Q)

Edvin Jämting
Phone: 018-13 09 81

The nations first curator is responsible for questions regarding membership, scholarships and the nation in general.

Second curator (2Q)

Ludwig Öström
Phone: 018-15 82 22

The nations' second curator is responsible for questions regarding salaries, housing, and most issues related to the nation's finances.

Third curator (3Q)

Hanna Strömbeck
Phone: 018- 12 74 58

The nations' third curator is responsible for pub, fika, rental, and gasques.

If you wish to make a reservation for the pub, contact the 3Q via email. Book an appointment if you wish to meet, as the 3Q does not have office hours.


Lars Magnusson

The inspector is the head of the nation. You can turn to the inspector with questions of large magnitude, which do not concern the daily activities of the nation. For example if you feel like a curator has misbehaved.

Nation Chaplain

Tobias Johanesson

The nation chaplain is available for members who want somebody to talk to, whatever it may be about. The chaplain is bound by a vow of silence.


Gotlands nation
Östra ågatan 13
753 22 UPPSALA

The office

Monday 13-15

Tueday 11-13

Friday 13-15

Bettys pub

Wed-Thu 18-00

Fridays 18-01

Jakens café

Sat-Sun 12-15

Study fika

Mon-Thu 10-16


Tuesdays 14-16


During office hours

Contact us

1Q - First curator

Edvin Jämting

The First Curator handles questions regarding membership, scholarships and the nation in general

018 - 130 981

2Q - Second curator

Ludwig Öström

The Second Curator handles salaries, questions regarding housing and the nation economy

018 - 158 222

3Q - Third curator

Hanna Strömbeck

The Third Curator is responsible for the pub, fika and rentals at the nation

018 - 127 458


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