Available housing

Address: Östra Ågatan 13

Size: 16 m² Rent: 3485 kr

El,vatten,värme,internet/Power,water, heat,internet. Först till kvarn/First come first served

Earliest move in: 2022-12-01
Announcement: 2022-11-07 18:00:00
Application due: 2022-11-14 12:00:00

NOTE! All housing announcements at Gotlands nation starting 2021-01-01 will be hosted digitally. Send an email to 2q@gotlandsnation.se latest noon on the day of the announcement for the Zoom-link. You MUST send an email to be able to apply.

Gotlands nation's 20 student rooms on Östra Ågatan 13 are undoubtedly some of the best-located of all student housing in Uppsala. Situated in our nation house on the river Fyris, they are right in the city centre and close to shops, grocery stores, and city life. Some even have an unbeatable view over the city, the skyline highlighted by the cathedral, castle and river. 

There are 4 corridors in the nation building, three with four rooms each as well as one corridor of eight rooms. The rooms vary in price and size, ranging from 9 and 24 square meters and cost 2683 - 4049 SEK for 10 months. All rooms are rent-free in June and July. Each corridor is equipped with two bathrooms and a shower (the largest corridor has two showers) and a comunal kitchen. Some rooms have their own washbasin. Residents furthermore have access to the nation's laundry room as well as comunal storage spaces. Living in such close proximity to the nation's activities, many residents become active in the nation. 

Since 2008, the nation has also rented out 24 apartments in a newly-constructed building in Rackarberget. The house is located at the edge of the Observatory park, just a few steps away from Ekonomikum. Apartments range from 30,5 to 47 square meters, and are fully equipped with closet storage space, bathrooms and kitchens. The building also houses a sauna, laundry room, indoor bike storage, and a storage space for all residents. 

If you are interested in renting a room or apartment through the nation, please contact our the second curator by mail (2q@gotlandsnation.se) or tel. 018 15 82 22. Housing announcements are held when one or more rooms become available, and prior to each, all nation members are welcome to submit their applications. Note, only one housing application needs to be submitted per semester. Housing applications are found above. 

Gotlands nation does not have a queue system, rather housing is dealt in priority by number of points acrued by each applicant. Points are garnered through semesters of membership and points studied during one's membership. Further points are gained in active engagement at the nation, as a further perk for being a functionary. Exact points gained for each functionary position can be found in the expedition or upon request. 

Priority for housing is given to club workers, curators and fresher's (in certain rooms in the nation house), so keep your eyes peeled for rooms marked as priority! Rooms with fresher priority are given out in a lottery to applicants, as opposed to following the point system. 

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