Gasque student language for dinner followed by dancing. Dinner consists of about three dishes and requires a certain conformity of the visiting behavior. In other words; etiquette.

For example, on clothing. On gasques stated "blazer". That means a dark suit and tie or knee-length dress. On prom enjoined "full dress", which means long dress, dress or mess dress. Traditional costume is also good.

Furthermore, the time for gasquens beginning. It is often followed by a "DK". That means double quarter and means that guests should be prepared to go to dinner half an hour after the specified time. Prior to this aperitif preferably be uppdrucken. Once at the table has the ladies cavalier on his left, and vice versa.

Gasquerna is an opportunity for pleasant forms converse with their neighbors table and thus make new acquaintances. The rules are intended to ease gracefully behavior. Thus, should not be more intoxicated than becoming during dinner. Then do exactly as you want.


Reccegasque held each fall and spring for the nation's all new students, but also older students are of course welcome. In the autumn we hold to Gotland nation but in spring arranged gasquen together with one or more other nations, and we are sometimes at Gotland. A perfect way to get to know new friends at the beginning of the study semester!

Crayfish party

Crayfish held every late summer, in early September or late August. Then the crayfish tails and claws that comes and obviously many cherished reunions after the long summer.


Tefatsgasquen is a winter battle between Gotland, Västergötland and Värmland nations. Tough battle in Castle Hill on the day and reconciliation dinner on Gotland in the evening. Arranged at the end of February.


Mitterminsgasque arranged as the name says in the middle of the semester, both in autumn and spring. Often it is a theme in these gasques and we have among other experienced hippie theme, pop theme, autumn theme, seabattle, tasteless theme, etc.


Sheepheadgasquen is probably the gasque that Gotland is best known for. Everything barbaric you heard about Gasque's true! We eat lamb skulls and poking the eye of the skull snaps! It serves also the related "culture drinks". A Gasque that all students in Uppsala ever have to experience! Arranged in November.


Lussegasquen is the cosiest gasquen of the year. Gasque be arranged any day around Lucia and serves a sumptuous Christmas dinner, Lucia Performances and Mascot for Christmas!

Herring dinner

Herringdinner be organized on Valborg. Herring and schnapps overlooking riverrafting. Later in the day also arranged champagne gallop with one of Uppsala's certainly popular gathering places on a sunny Valborg


Maydinner arranged on the first of May and is one of the year's finest dinners. It is not unusual that the chef offers a nifty course menu. Before dinner, the wreath laying at the tomb of the nation Uppsala Old Cemetery with the singing of the choir and speech of the inspector.


Springball is the prettiest party during the year. Full Uppsala living in Vårbalsstämning and also we Gotland. Tuxedo and prom dress is a requirement, but otherwise everyone is welcome! Arranged at the end of May.

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