Freshers reception

Start: 2018-01-31 16:00:00
Slut: 2018-01-31 20:00:00

The nation house opens up and new and old members of Gotlands nation get together and have a wonderful evening. The freshers committee and the functionaries informs about the endless possibilities the nation can offer. The night ends with a sexa (simple dinner party) and for those who want to there is also the possibility to go to Norrlands Wednesday club.

The office

Mon-wed: 11-13
Thursday: 17-19

Bettys pub

Tue-thu: 18-00
Friday: 18-01

Jakens café

Saturday: 12-15
Sunday: 12-15

Study fika

Tue-Thu: 10-16


Thursdays: 17-19


Mondays: 20-21

Contact us

1Q - First curator

Yaee Oviedo

The First Curator handle questions regarding membership, scholarships and the nation in general

018 - 130 981

2Q - Second curator

Thapelo Mabale

The Second Curator handles salaries, questions regarding housing and the nation economy

018 - 158 222

3Q - Third curator

Björn Asplund

The Third Curator is responsible for the pub, fika and rentals at the nation

018 - 127 458


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