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GNAS' board would like to welcome you to this years Gnaque the 1st of october!

Link to registration:
Remember that your ticket is binding. If you wish to cancel your ticket, please send an e-mail to, no later than 24th of september. If you cancel after 24th of september, please note that you will still have to pay full price for your ticket.
Last sign-up: 24th of September 23:59
Price: 300 kr for a ticket including alcohol, or 270 kr for alcohol-free tickets.
Optional donations: Pay an additional fee of however much you'd like as a donation to the nation!
Dress code: Dark suit.
Location: Gotlands Nation.
Date and time: 1st of october, 18dk.
Payment: Pay you ticket to 2Q (BG 230-2586) before october 1st. Mark payment with GNAS + name. 

The office

Monday 13-15

Tueday 11-13

Friday 13-15

Bettys pub

Wed-Thu 18-00

Fridays 18-01

Jakens café

Sat-Sun 12-15

Study fika

Mon-Thu 10-16


Tuesdays 14-16


During office hours

Contact us

1Q - First curator

Edvin Jämting

The First Curator handles questions regarding membership, scholarships and the nation in general

018 - 130 981

2Q - Second curator

Ludwig Öström

The Second Curator handles salaries, questions regarding housing and the nation economy

018 - 158 222

3Q - Third curator

Hanna Strömbeck

The Third Curator is responsible for the pub, fika and rentals at the nation

018 - 127 458


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