Täckating 2022

Start: 2022-07-04 12:00:00
Slut: 2022-08-08 23:00:00

Hi all you sorkar u töisar, it is finally time to do täckating again!

What is that? Every year since the 60s, Gotland’s Nation participates in the traditional event of the roofing, an important part of the cultural heritage on Gotland. We collaborate with the täckarlag (the roofing team) by setting up the food and the party while learning about Gotlandic culture.

This year’s täckating takes place on Fårö, the island north of Gotland. In short, the following schedule will apply:
• 4/8 Thursday: We leave from the nation roughly around noon and arrive in Visby at night where we sleep at Rindi in central Visby.
• 5/8 Friday: We shop and make our way to Fårö where we prepare some of the food.
• 6/8 Saturday: We prepare food for the workers at the täckating (three meals for 80 people, roughly).
• 7/8 Sunday: We clean the last things and have a chill night together, maybe going to the beach.
• 8/8 Monday: We clean the place where we are sleeping and depart for Visby. Maybe an ice cream before the boat leaves. At night we arrive in Uppsala again.

Does it sound interesting? Of course it does!

Send a mail to hk.gotlandsnation@gmail.com and we will add you to the täckating group and give you more information about how to book the boat tickets.

NB: If you come you will need to pay for the travel there and back yourself.
Are you already on Gotland? Then you can of course join us anyway.

Let's go täckating! A tradition since the 60s.


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