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The first of May is special at Gotlands nation. Welcome to our finest dinner and true experience!

The May Dinner offers many Gotlandic traditions and a very, very good menu!

A certain ceremony with reclaiming our sign from Smålands nation and the induction of new senior members are some of the typical traditions.

Ticket release:

  • 11th April for functionaries of Gotlands nation
  • 12th April for members of Gotlands nation
  • 13th April for others

When? 01st May at 17 dk 


  • Alumni: 480 kr full price / 460 kr alcohol free
  • Students: 440 kr full price / 420 kr alcohol free

Dresscode: Dark suit

Registration is done via email to Last day to sign up is Sunday 24th April if not sold out before. When you register, please include food and drink preferences.

The office

Closed during summer

Bettys pub

Closed during summer

Jakens café

Closed during summer

Study fika

Closed during summer


Closed during summer


Closed during summer - Contact 1Q by email

Contact us

1Q - First curator

Edvin Jämting

The First Curator handles questions regarding membership, scholarships and the nation in general

018 - 130 981

2Q - Second curator

Daniel Backlund

The Second Curator handles salaries, questions regarding housing and the nation economy

018 - 158 222

3Q - Third curator

Hanna Strömbeck

The Third Curator is responsible for the pub, fika and rentals at the nation

018 - 127 458


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