Fresher's gasque

Start: 2020-02-15 15:00:00
Slut: 2020-02-16 00:00:00

Welcome to Göteborgs, Smålands och Gotlands nations Reccegasque! As tradition dictates, our Göteborg’s, Småland’s and Gotland’s nations celebrate the Recce gasque together - this time at Smålands nation, Saturday the 15th of February! A gasque is a fancier dinner, and this gasque is primarily for the new members of the semester. So if you're unsure of clothing, etiquette or anything else, you are not alone - please ask questions! The first gasque of the semester is an introduction to the social and festive part of the Uppsala student life, and something one should definitely experience at least once. We will fill the evening with entertainment, singing, speeches, laughter, spex and of course a nice three-course dinner. An evening to remember! 15.00 everyone gathers for pre-drinks at the nation in which you are a member of. After mingling, the nations march to the University House for a welcome ceremony with speeches and entertainment. 17.00, the groups return to their home nation again for pre-drink number two before the gasque begins After the gasque we're taking off to a släpp ("club") together. GASQUE INFORMATION February 15th Price: 280 kr/ 250 kr non alcohol Time: 17 dk Dress code: Formal (dark suit) Location: Smålands´ Nation RSVP and pay no later than February 11th to: Don´t forget to inform us about any allergies or food- and beverage preferences.

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